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Hartwick College




Courses Taught:

Eco-Art, Environmental Sculpture, and Earthworks (Wesleyan University)
Soundscapes: Music, Nature and Silence (Chatham, Hartwick, Wesleyan University)
Sculpture Studio 1 and 2 (Chatham, Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences)
Installation and Performance Art (Chatham, Art Academy Braunschweig, Carnegie Mellon University)
Sound Art Studio (Chatham)
Audio Studio (Chatham)
Environmental Sculpture (Chatham, Carnegie Mellon University)
Eco-Art (Chatham)
Toys R Us (Creating Toys and Games) (Chatham)
Multimedia Studio (Chatham)
Furniture Art Design (Chatham)
Artscape: The Sixties (Chatham)
Cityarts: The Arts in Pittsburgh (Chatham)
Community Affiliations (Carnegie Mellon, Chatham)
History of 20th C. Architecture (Chatham)
History of 20th C. Sculpture (Otis Art Institute, Chatham, Art Academy Braunschweig)
History of World Art 1 and 2 (Otis Art Institute, Chatham College)
Art Theory (Otis Art Institute, Chatham)
German Cinema (Chatham)
Visual Imagination: Introduction to Art (Chatham, Otis Art Institute)