Aviary constructs a series of sound spaces, sound devices, and video projections that conjure up and interact with the sounds of birds in captivity, in the wild, and in the urban-between. The orchestral ambience of Aviary, whether perceived as cacophony or aleatoric pleasure, is an invitation to participate, to be a bird among birds, to fly, to sing, to shriek, to dive, to honk, to wail, to peep, to jive... to celebrate our commonality, to lament our insistent superiority, and to explore the musicality and complex entrainments of an avian sense of place.


Performance and installation in
progress with students in Hartwick
Soundscapes course and the artist
January 22, 2003 at 5 pm

Closing performance
February 19 at 5 pm

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and open to the public

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